BACK STORY: This house was damaged by hurricane Harvey and was in need of major repairs. The house was originally built in the 1950’s with old iron pipes for drains. Most of the plumbing had rusted, causing toilets to back up and tubs that wouldn’t drain. We went in and cut trenches throughout the concrete slab to remove the old lines and replace all plumbing with modern PVC and PEX lines. Then we reinforced those areas of the slab and pumped in new concrete. Drywall had been added sometime in the 70’s covering up the original ship-lap. I removed the drywall to show the shiplap again and repaired areas that were damaged. In the master bedroom the owners wanted a higher ceiling but were limited to the 8′ plate height so we removed the ceiling and created a vaulted ceiling and made beams out of reclaimed wood from the ranch.